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What do hand therapists do?

Hand therapists are licensed physiotherapists or occupational therapists with experience in the treatment of the upper limb injuries, many of who are certified hand therapists who have successfully met the educational and experience requirements and passed the Hand Therapy certification exam. They treat traumatic, degenerative and non-traumatic conditions affecting upper limb and hand. They are trained in identifying problems, assessment, providing individualized treatment plan and evaluation of treatment outcomes. Some of the conditions that therapists treat include, but not limited to are burns, fractures, tendon and nerve repair, tendon and nerve transfers and amputations. Some of the treatment provided by hand therapists include, but not limited to, are splinting, wound care, management of swelling, exercises, desensitization, return to work facilitation and return to function.

* Please note that all CSHT members are not certified hand therapists or solely treat hand or upper extremity injuries or conditions.

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Insurance coverage

Extended health benefits will normally cover hand therapy services in Canada. However, the extent of coverage will vary based on your insurance plan or limit, your insurance company and across different provinces. Please note that this will also vary depending on the hand therapy provider i.e. OT, CHT or PT, CHT. Contact your local hand therapy clinics to find out whether the provider’s service will be covered by your insurance.

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