What is CSHT?

We are a group of occupational and physical therapists with a special interest in the rehabilitation of the upper extremity.

We are dedicated to the enhancement of upper extremity rehabilitation within Canada through the promotion of quality of care, education and information sharing.

CSHT Annual Conference

We are excited to announce the CSHT Annual Conference will be coming to you virtually in September 2022. Stay tuned for exact dates and our theme. Excited to see you there!

C’est avec joie que nous vous annonçons que la réunion annuelle de la Société sera virtuelle pour une deuxième année et qu’elle aura lieu en septembre 2022. Consultez les médias sociaux régulièrement pour connaître les dates exactes ainsi que le thème de cette année. Nous avons très hâte de vous y retrouver!

2022 CSHT Annual Conference
Call for Abstracts

Recruitment for Research

Invitation to participate in interview on Sex and Gender in recovery after a distal radius fracture

Hand therapists are being asked to participate in a study that aims to better understand the role of sex and gender in the treatment and recovery of people after a distal radius fracture.
The interview will last about 30-40 minutes.

If you are a hand therapist and are interested, please email the lead student investigator, Sheena Phillip, at sphilip6@uwo.ca

Newsletter Sneak Peek

Winter 2022 In Hand Newsletter

Working with Winter Athletes: Practice Tips from British Columbia
Winter is in full swing in British Columbia and consequently, winter athletes of all sorts are pouring into physiotherapy clinics. Boastng three local mountains as well as close proximity to the international resort of Whistler and many other world-class ski resorts, Vancouver is a hub for winter athletes and Vancouver clinics are particularly busy. As a hand therapist in Vancouver, I see everything from weekend warriors to professional competitors presenting with a myriad of injuries to the upper extremities related to winter sports. With the run up to the Winter Olympics approaching, I was asked to share some of my experiences with and advice for treating this unique population.

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